Our Friends Foundation supports groundbreaking brain research.

The question “How does our brain work?” is currently one of the major scientific challenges. Everything we humans think, do, or do not do, is done by our brain.
The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience carries out fundamental scientific research into the workings of this organ, which controls so very many of our body’s processes.

The research of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience is groundbreaking, and slowly but surely we are unraveling the brain: How does our brain work, what deviations may present themselves, and what are their causes? And: how do we prevent these deviations, or find better treatments? We share our research results with academic hospitals and universities, with both of which we also often collaborate. Scientific research is bringing us ever closer to an understanding of the brain, and to causes and solutions for brain disorders.
The Friends Foundation supports this groundbreaking research. And you can help us do this. We are grateful for every donation.