Besides the nineteen research groups, the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience also accommodates several facilities.

The Sleep lab

Sleep Lab NIN

The Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences accommodates the Sleep Lab, the place where Eus van Someren and his team study insomnia. “This is one of very few places where insomnia is researched so extensively and in such depth, by means of combining various cutting-edge methods.” Read more ››

The Dutch Brain Bank

Brain coupes - NINThe Netherlands Brain Bank (NBB) was founded more than 30 years ago, in 1985, by brain researcher Dick Swaab. “Why? Because while imaging techniques boost our knowledge of the brain, they are not an alternative for research of human brain tissue”. Says Inge Huitinga, medical biologist and immunologist, and director of the NBB. Read more ››


Central theme in this lab is the understanding of ocular signal transduction as it relies on the optical parts of the eye and retina. Optical signal transduction is characterized by the retinal point-spread-function. The transparency of the relevant biological components is a critical factor. How transparency is achieved and how defects can be characterized are important research questions of this lab.